About Miditer

Combining the Greek word for harvest ‘Synkomidi’ with Demeter the Olympian Goddess of Agriculture, who sustained mankind with the earth’s rich bounty, Miditer was formed to give way to a universe of natural food that’s so rich and pure, that it could be from the hands of Demeter herself.

Healthy, Sustainable Living is Here to Stay.

Miditer transforms your lives for the modern world. It’s no longer just about eating good food, it’s about your impact on the world and how you can give back to the community.

We offer a range of natural food products that are good for you, the community that nurtures it and the planet that grows it. With natural, accessible, plant-based products easily available for you, healthy, sustainable living is at your fingertips.

Our products are grown, harvested and packed with the promise of complete transparency through our supply chain. This transparency goes beyond sourcing the product. We provide additional technical expertise, support and the best tools in the industry to farmers at root-level, until it is labelled, sealed and delivered to you. By empowering them with the right knowledge and tools, we impart some of the best methods of yielding the best crops through the best farming practices. We are part of the process from seed to table - ensuring that our products are of the highest quality and sustainable - and that’s simply our promise to you.

As one of the biggest coconut exporters and manufacturers, we even offer white labelling and bulk purchasing options to enhance businesses in search of high-quality products. Miditer offers a range of tropical coconut products, exotic fruits and more, each sustainably harvested and ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our purpose is to help people across the world lead healthier and happier lives.

Our Process
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Enriching communities and enhancing the agri-industry in Sri Lanka, follow Miditer’s sustainable process of growing, harvesting and packaging the best quality products for you.
About Miditer
About Miditer

Our Commitment to Sustainability

By working directly with local, rural communities and providing the necessary machinery and tools to harvest high quality, natural products, Miditer’s commitment to sustainable agriculture ensures that all our products are pure, natural and good for the earth.

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About Miditer
About Miditer
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About Miditer
About Miditer
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About Miditer
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