Organic Coconut Milk 11% Fat

Miditer's Organic Coconut Milk with 11% fat is a healthy, glucose-free substitute for dairy milk, sustainably sourced from pure Sri Lankan coconut kernels. Ideal for cooking and baking, this sustainably sourced coconut milk imparts a nutty flavour and aroma, along with numerous health benefits.

This range is available for white labelling and bulk purchasing options.
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Available Sizes
179g 400g

Suggested Uses

  • Substitute for dairy milk
  • Cooking and baking
  • Ideal for curries, gravies, smoothies or milkshakes.

Miditer sources high-quality coconuts from lush estates that have been nurtured and cared for through generations worth of knowledge, skill and technical expertise. We are invested at each stage of the process, from seed to table to ensure you are provided with the best products while empowering our farmers with the right technology and industry proficiency to take their products to a global market. Our Organic Coconut Milk is an incredible addition to your lifestyle. Transform your diet with this healthy, plant-based, lactose-free, vegan ingredient that can be used instead of dairy milk.

Our Organic Coconut Milk is made 100% from pure coconut. We extract the creamy, white liquid from ground coconut flesh and then store and pack the coconut milk to maintain its freshness and quality until it gets delivered to you.

Teeming with a plethora of health benefits, coconut milk is a suitable substitute for dairy milk. Miditer’s Organic Coconut Milk is organic, lactose-free and ultimately great for your health. Packed with nutrients and minerals from Vitamin C, B and E to calcium, sodium, magnesium and more. Coconut milk is also known to aid in weight loss, controlling cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation – making it essential in every health-conscious individual’s diet.


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