Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability at Miditer is one of our pillars of strength, it forms the foundation of our ethos and values and is the key ingredient in tying our passionate team and partners together. This shared value of sustainable agriculture helps to ensure that the food we produce plays a positive and integral part in maintaining our physical, mental and emotional health, and that’s what makes Miditer an essential in every household.

The Root Of The Matter

Miditer gets down to the root level when ensuring our food is made sustainably. Working together with farmers in rural communities that have years of experience and skill in growing the produce, we also equip them with modern tools and equipment to enhance the quality and productivity of their efforts, whilst empowering their lives in the process.
Our range of products is not just good for your mind and body, but it’s great for the environment and the community that grows it.
Once harvested, the raw produce is sent to our factories for processing and packaging. When sourcing packaging material, we partner with locally sourced, sustainable vendors that share our values. This ensures that from seed to table, sustainability is always at our core.

Sustainable Agriculture 01
Investing time, skill and expertise in our farmers ensures that the community thrives, while also enhancing the local agriculture business on the island. By providing all the necessary tools and equipment and other materials, we have a better insight into controlling that your food grows in the best and most natural way.
Sustainable Agriculture 02
Miditer’s factories that are located in key rural areas of Sri Lanka adhere to several measures that are in line with our sustainability measures from efficient water consumption to energy-saving LED lighting systems. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint during the processing stage and eventually become a carbon-neutral production facility in the near future.