Our Process

Growing and harvesting crops take time, skill and experience. We work closely with farmers in rural communities by equipping them with the essential technical knowledge, raw materials and machinery to yield better products that are good for your body and benefit the environment too. Follow our process from seed to table to learn more about how it’s done at Miditer.

Our Process 01
Miditer’s involvement begins at the soil level. Our expertise in nourishing the soil and ensuring it’s ready for planting is an important first step in the entire process. Plant nutrition is always maintained thus offering us complete transparency even before the seed is planted.
Our Process 02
After a careful analysis of the soil and climate conditions, we harness our farmer’s experience with our years of industry experience to plant the best crops for a productive season. As the crop flourishes and until it is ready to harvest, we work together with the farmers to provide the necessary fertilisers, other materials, tools and equipment to ensure the crops are grown in rich and fertile soil.
Our Process 03
By closely monitoring the growth of these crops, we can ensure they are harvested at the optimal time. When the crops are finally ready to be harvested, our farmers along with trained experts work together by using high-tech machinery and tools. The harvested crops are then safely transported to our production facilities, where they’ll be processed with state-of-the-art machinery and minimum human intervention; thus preserving their richness.
Our Process 04
Miditer’s sustainable manufacturing facilities are fitted with hi-tech equipment and machinery. Our fully automated bottling and packaging plant ensure that the products are not contaminated as they make their way to you, at home.