Coconut Products

Healthy, sustainable living begins here with Miditer. Grown in the lush estates in Sri Lanka, coconuts are known for their variety of health benefits, forming an integral part of the local cuisine and culture, that we want to share with you. Coconuts and their byproducts are a nutritious, vegan, plant-based alternative to most products, whether you’re consuming them with food or applying them topically to maintain your hair and skin health etc.
Our range of coconut products is naturally grown and sustainably sourced from farmers in local communities that have the right skill and knowledge in growing the best coconuts on the island. Together with the farmers, Miditer’s extensive experience in the industry and technological expertise, we are able to oversee the entire process from seed to packaging ensuring the best quality products reach you.
From coconut milk and coconut cream to coconut flour and virgin coconut oil, browse through our extensive selection of coconut products from Miditer.